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The Resiliency Factor Podcast

Dec 3, 2021

During this episode of The Resiliency Factor, I had an incredible conversation with one of the most amazing and soulful female entrepreneurs on the planet, Anna Tsui. During our time together, Anna asks listeners to ponder the following questions…

What if you could find the energetic frequency where you accelerate your manifestations? 

How much more successful would you be if you could clearly identify your life's work and connect it to a ready and willing audience? 

The process of answering these two fundamental questions is essential to unearthing one’s greatest potential. Anna describes this phenomenon as sovereign energy or the energy of one’s highest potential. She states that the universe responds to the vibration of who you really are at a soul level when you honestly answer these two fundamental questions.

Anna also believes that the biggest problem for most people is that they’ve forgotten how powerful they truly are as they've ceaselessly pursued education and success. 

This interview will remind you of your true essence so that you can reconnect to your higher self, and thus begin creating miracles in your own life again.

Anna Tsui is a genius coach, international writer, speaker, and serial entrepreneur. She is the founder of The Intuitive Business School and her bestselling book, “Shadow Magic: Turn your Fear Into Fuel and Create a Prosperous Coaching Business” shows readers how to overcome their personal self-sabotage and build a thriving career and business. She has created a proprietary method that helps people directly align with their personal genius and create thriving signature businesses.

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