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The Resiliency Factor Podcast

Oct 27, 2021

During this episode of The Resiliency Factor, I had an incredible conversation with one of the most courageous and resilient women entrepreneurs on the planet, Dr. Biljana Karamehmedovic or Dr. B, for short. During our time together, Dr. B. recalled in vivid detail how she found the mental and physical strength to literally run to catch a bus in order to escape war-torn Bosnia as she clung onto her baby. It was literally a do-or-die moment and one that transformed her life forever.

Biljana Karamehmedovic is a personal holistic transformation coach, author, speaker, and a true believer in elevated conversations and human potential. 

Not speaking a word of English upon her arrival to the United States as a Bosnian war refugee, she set out to learn fast and help the refugee community. Her newly minted interpreting skills carried her into the position of a professional foreign language interpreter less than a year later. Keen on teaching and mentoring, in 2012 Biljana started training interpreters in healthcare for their professional roles, as well as preparing them to obtain and maintain their national certifications. 

As a personal transformation coach, Dr. B. thrives on empowering entrepreneurs and professionals with a heart mindset to take the leap and with customized strategies to leap into the results they seek in all aspects of their lives. 

Biljana’s diverse interests and educational background (ranging from engineering and pedagogy to a doctorate in Naturopathy, as well as certifications in Social-Emotional Learning, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and other sales and business-related studies) shaped her into a comprehensive problem-solver, and holistically oriented guide to high achievers seeking the most efficient tools and support in turning their life challenges into permanent victories.

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