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The Resiliency Factor Podcast

Oct 21, 2021

It's easy to be happy when everything is going well and according to plan. It's easy to be in a good mood when you wake up and the sun is shining and you've got a roster full of paying clients and everybody's paying you on time. That's easy, but true character and true growth only happen when we face life challenges. I do believe that life is always happening for us and not just to us. Not always an easy concept to embrace, I admit, but one that I truly do believe in, nonetheless. 

On February 14, 2020, my mom, my best friend, and my biggest cheerleader passed away suddenly. She was only 66 years old. I was devastated, to say the least, but deep within I knew that I would be okay with the support of God and other close family members. Losing my mom was the hardest thing I've ever experienced in my life and I've been through some really tough stuff. My mom’s passing was and still is truly the deepest sorrow I have ever felt, yet I have managed to survive. In truth, I’ve done more than just survive. I’ve used the pain I experienced and transformed it into fuel for my passion to help others. In truth, even though I was and still am grieving, I’ve continued to flourish in my life and my business. I've been able to  'move gracefully' through all the difficulties that I have faced, but it wasn’t always this way.

I attribute much of my present-day resiliency to the work I've been doing for years. I'm resilient now because I did the work back when I was in my 20s and very early 30s. I continue to do the work everyday. Although I do believe we are born resilient, I also know that life experiences beat us down and sometimes we forget how resilient we truly are. Unless we actively pursue reclaiming our God-given resiliency, it can be lost and sometimes hard to recover. Resiliency is something that comes from doing internal work. It comes from doing the things which you think you are not capable of doing.

There was a time in my life when I was so dependent on my mom emotionally that I couldn’t stand to be alone for more than 5 minutes at a clip. When I was in my early 20s and having a difficult time emotionally, I can remember picking up the phone and calling her about every ten minutes - no exaggeration. I was so distraught emotionally and didn’t think I could stand on my own two feet. As I think back now about that time in my life, the thought of losing my mom would sincerely have put me over the edge. If she had passed away then I don't know how I would have gone on.

A few years later, I recognized how emotionally dependent I was on my mom for nearly everything and how much I had put into that relationship. I also knew as I was getting older that I would need to learn to stand on my own two feet and that I would have to learn to depend on myself and trust myself. That's where the real work took place. I spent years in therapy and worked with holistic healers, including a very gifted hypnotherapist. I finally arrived at a place when I was about 32 going to stop fixing what I think are perceived false and I'm when I decided to actually embrace all of me - every single piece of me, including the parts that I'm proud of and the parts that I'm not so proud of; the times that were beautiful and the times that were ugly. Yes, once I learned to embrace all of the parts of myself, I also came to a place of unconditional self-love and radical self-acceptance.

I'm going to throw this out as a call-to-action for all of you out there - I want you to really sit down and look at where you are currently right now in your life and your business. Figure out where you really need to do the most work in order to become the most resilient version of yourself. Get really raw and really honest with yourself. Decide whether you are going to stay where you are or whether you are ready to change because you know there's more out there for you. If you decide you want to move forward, what will you need to do next? I want you to figure out how you plan to make these changes. Do you need to hire a coach? A therapist? A business strategist? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, then I have an invitation for you! I am opening up several spots on my calendar and I’d love to have a conversation with you! I have a feeling that you and I probably have more in common than you realize! I love you.

I'm here for you so CLICK HERE and let’s set up a time to chat!

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